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Progressive Jewish Congregation Emet weSchalom

Emet weSchalom is the Progressive Jewish Congregation in Northern Hesse (central Germany). We offer religious services, Jewish holidays, Bible sessions and more together with people who share our enthusiasm for Progessive Judaism

The Progressive Jewish Congregation Emet weSchalom was founded in 1995 in Kassel, Germany. The Congregation is based in Felsberg (central Germany with good public transportation to Kassel). As a regional Jewish Congregation we offer activities in and around the city of Kassel.

Progessive Judaism has a long tradition in Northern Hesse. Before 1933 there were several active Progessive Congregations in Northern Hesse. Emet weSchalom would like to continue this tradition and strives to revive active Progressive Judaism in our area.

EmetweSchalom Gemeinde

We offer:

Services and Holidays

It is the aim of our Congregation to perform services andcelebrate holidays together. We also offer regular Torah studies which allow our members to learn about and become familiar with the Jewish tradition.

Multilingual Activities

We try to enable all of our members to actively partake in our activities. Therefore we perform our services multilingualy in Hebrew German, Russian and English. For this we have created multilingual literature for Shabbat as well as for the high holidays. We also offer audio cassettes in different languages in order to learn the prayers and songs.

Hebrew Classes

We offer regular Hebrew classes on different levels. E-learning through e-mail is also possible.

Monthly Newsletter

Our congregation issues a monthly newsletter called "Alon". This newsletter provides news as well as insights into upcoming Jewish activities. You can find a link to alon here...


We have a big selection of Jewish literature. This can be used as a great resource for intensive learning which is one of Judaism's main principals.

Bar/Batmitzwa Preparation

We prepare our teenagers for their Bar/Bat-Mitzva. This includes both religion classes as well as Hebrew classes.

Conversion to Judaism

If, after serious consideration, the decision has been made to convert to Judaism we support this process with intensive classes.

Other Information:

The Progessive Jewish Congregation Emet weSchalom is a member of the Union for Progressive Judaism in Germany and the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

We rely heavily on donations. Therefore we welcome all help (big and small). Please follow the link to find out more about donations.  

We would like to thank the "Freundeskreis der J├╝dischen Liberalen Gemeinde" for their great support.


Kommende Veranstaltungen


We mail an English newsletter every second month with info and dates of our congregation

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